Gastrointestinal problems are common for women at any age. We offer specific testing to help determine food sensitivities as well as testing to determine if your symptoms are more IBS or SIBO related.

We have a great GI Balance supplement in addition to or GI Harmony with Glutamine meal replacement to help you cleanse and reset your GI system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pain and cramping and problems with constipation, diarrhea or both can be signs of IBS or SIBO. Your symptoms may require an endoscopic workup by a Gastroenterologist specialist. Many times women are told by their specialist everything is normal yet they still have significant symptoms. Food allergen testing and/or SIBO/IBS testing can help pinpoint areas of adjusting. Sometimes a detox or diet reset may be necessary as well.

We offer testing for food allergens and SIBO testing. With this information, we can help formulate a personalized diet plan for you to get your gut health back in gear.

If you occasionally flare, our GI Harmony protein powder is a nice meal replacement to reset your gut. It is stevia-free and made with pea protein and many other nutrients.

For more chronic symptoms, our GI Balance supplement, Fiber and Probiotic can help regulate and improve gut integrity.