You can call or text 618-680-1177 or email info@embodyherhealth.com

The first step is getting labs drawn at our clinic. Our lab is a 3rd party lab that bills insurance for your labwork. If you do not have insurance, they charge a $129 fee for our extensive panel of labs. We also set up a consult with our providers usually 1-2 weeks after labwork to discuss your symptoms and labwork. During this appointment you will meet with both a provider and a patient care coordinator to determine what your best plan is. There is a one-time charge of $149 for this consult with our FNP Amanda Eversgerd or $249 for the consult with Dr. Katie Rybak.

For our visits and our treatments, we do not take insurance. We have found over our years as experienced providers that insurance limits the amount of time we can give our patients. Our goal is to spend time with you and to work WITH you to help you feel your best.

Yes! We accept both. Please look in to your individual HSA or HSA plan to make sure you can use it at our facility and for our services.
We also offer Care Credit which you can open at your appointment as well.

Typically after the first appointment for wellness, weight loss or Hormone Replacement, we will schedule repeat labs in about 9-10 weeks and a follow up 1 week after that. Once we have found a regimen that works for you, we can follow up every 6 months. We call in between appointments to see how you are doing with your treatment as well. We want your treatments to work for you!

At this time, we are not a substitute for your regular doctors and we still advise you see them for your annuals. Our labwork can be used by your primary doctor however for your routine annual labwork.