IV Therapy

We offer a variety of IV infusions you can enjoy alone or with a friend. Our massage chairs are zero-gravity and has whole body S- and L-track Systems for a smooth massage from shoulders down to the thighs and built-in foot and calf massage. Relax while you get infused with one of our premium IV infusions.

Our IV Infusions include:

PMS Relief: A mixture of vitamins to soothe and calm your system during the most challenging days of our cycle. Magnesium helps alleviate headaches and migraines that can be associated with PMS. Add Toradol for optimal pain relief.

Hangover Drip: Rehydrate your system and help flush out those toxins. The hangover drip is an all-encompassing blend rich in nutrients and vitamins to help you kick that nasty hangover. Also available are medical booster pushes to alleviate that nagging headache, nausea, or inflammation caused by alcohol.

Anxiety Drip: Anxiety is often a feeling caused by physiologic changes. Poor hydration, and lack of proper nutrition can cause reoccurring anxiety. This drip helps hydrate, replenishes important B vitamins, and improves blood flow that will prevent anxiety and restore the body.

Immunity Drip: Give your body the boost it needs to stay healthy while on the go! The Immunity Drip is an infusion tailor-made to boost your immune system and provide mentality clarity. It contains high dose Vitamin C, B vitamins, Lysine and Zinc combined with specially formulated nutrients to help combat common viruses.

Headache/Migraine Drip: This formula is perfect for patients suffering from migraines as it restores hydration, improves blood flow, and replenishes B Vitamins. More specifically this formulation contains riboflavin that has been studied to help headaches and migraines.

Reboot: The purpose of the reboot drip is to help rid our bodies of unwanted toxins. Could also be called the cleanse/detox drip. Ascorbic Acid and Glutathione are potent antioxidants, and together they help rid our bodies of toxins.

Skinny Drip: High dose MIC/B-12 helps stimulate lipolysis and metabolism. This Skinny Drip hydrates and restores balance while optimizing nutrient levels to help you burn more fat, increase metabolism and build lean muscle. The body requires nutrition and vitamins to stimulate the right hormones to function correctly so your body will let go of the fat stores it’s been holding onto.

*IV Drips are by appointment only

Frequently Asked Questions

While IV therapy is generally considered safe and effective, common side effects include pain and mild bruising at the injection site.

An IV infusion takes about an hour from to start to finish. If you are in a time crunch, we can do a smaller IV bag that will take about 30 minutes. Feel free to bring a book or device while you relax and hydrate.