There are so many supplements on the market and it seems there is always a new one cropping up with new claims. But which are best for you? By combining labwork, micronutrient testing and an in-depth conversation with one of our providers regarding your symptoms- we can recommend which supplements you would benefit from most.

Whether your concerns be gut-related, weight-related or just wanting to optimize your overall wellness, our pharmaceutical grade, highest quality EHH supplements will help you reach your health goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quality! Our supplements are made in an NSF certified facility. They are non-GMO, no artificial preservatives, dairy free, soy free, no artificial colors, gluten free, lab tested and no sugar added. They are considered pharmaceutical grade. If you are supplementing, you want to do it the safe and right way!

Talk to our providers! We have micronutrient testing to help pinpoint your deficiencies. Your symptoms will help guide you towards the right options for you.

We offer monthly packs that come with individual day packets to make your life easier! We can order these on auto-ship so you get them delivered monthly with only the supplements you want in the pack!

While we love all of our supplements, we do have a few Embody favorites! Omega Fish Oil helps with our cardiovascular health, metabolism, brain healthy, skin, joints and connective tissue. Magnesium helps improve sleep, anxiety and energy production. Vitamin D with K2 is key for immune health and bone health. Probiotics help keep our bowels regular and our immune system at our sharpest. Our Antioxidant Boost is a nice mixture of nutrients to help eliminate endocrine disruptors and improve antioxidant activity. It has DIM as well which can help with hormone balance.

Lastly our Melatonin is a controlled release version that can give a nice, consistent night of sleep!