Sexual Wellness

Women’s sexual concerns have been dismissed for years but the tide is turning.

There are many options available to women to help them achieve their best intimacy. Whether it be dyspareunia (pain with intercourse), low libido or inability to orgasm, there are many options available to you. Some of the newest and most exciting options include prescription medications Addyi and bremelanotide for libido. Pelvic floor training devices and at-home redlight devices can help with increasing vaginal lubrication, tightness and sensitivity.

At EHH we are so excited to offer shockwave. This is a minimally invasive, quick in-office treatment that has been shown to improve interstitial cystitis, urinary stress incontinence, overactive bladder, vestibulodynia (pain in the vestibule or outside of the vagina) and vulvodynia (pain of the vulva), endometriosis, dysmenorrhea and sexual function.

We want to educate you about your female concerns and work with you as a team to get you feeling your best again!

Frequently Asked Questions

We make it easy! Our intake packet has a sexual screening form attached that we would love for all of our patients to fill out. This gives us an opportunity for you to answer questions discretely and gives our provider information on what part of sexual medicine we can help with- is it pain-related, libido-related, etc.

HRT may be one avenue that can benefit you. Testosterone is approved for use for postmenopausal women with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. If Genitourinary Symptoms of Menopause are causing you problems, Vaginal Estradiol can improve your life significantly! If it is a libido or lack of interest issue- we have prescription Dream Creams to help improve blood flow to the pelvic region. Addyi is a prescription pill “the little pink pill” that can help safely improve interest. Bremalanotide is an injection or nasal spray to use on demand that may help as well. If orgasm is an issue, something as simple as the kegel weights and vibrators can make a huge difference in your sex life.

In addition to the above, we have several lines of lubricants.

Shockwave is a safe and effective way to improve angiogenesis and blood flow to the pelvic region and genitals. This method is so effective, most women only need 1-3 treatments to get full benefit.

We also have a take home red light device that can help improve moisture and again-blood flow- to the vagina and genitals. This device is easy, hormone-free and most importantly- very effective!

We want every woman to have a few options up her sleeve to make sex as comfortable and FUN as possible!