Hormone Replacement Therapy

Perimenopause can start as early as our 40’s and the symptoms can be severe and vary so much for each woman. The typical hot flashes and night sweats can be debilitating, but insomnia, changes in libido, vaginal dryness, frequent UTI’s, brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, mood changes, hair loss, skin laxity can all crop up in various degrees.

Supplementing with estradiol, vaginal estradiol, progesterone and even testosterone (Yes-women can benefit from T too!) can make all the difference for a lot of women. Some women may benefit from just one hormone for now, others may need several.

Hormone replacement may not be right for you or you may not be ready to start.  We have the highest quality supplements and many non-hormonal options to treat your specific aging needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is complicated with women and requires a visit with an experienced practitioner to determine if your symptoms are related to hormonal changes. Labwork is beneficial as well and helps the provider know what numbers we should aim for in your individual situation.

The key part of HRT is to decrease or completely eliminate symptoms more than chasing a lab number.

We offer options. And we will talk you through your options to help best determine what works for you. Some women have been on commercial HRT before and experienced side effects or lack of symptom relief.

That woman may benefit from compounded bioidentical HRT. For women that prefer FDA approved HRT, we have those options as well- still bioidentical. The downside to commercial products can be finding the right tailored dose for some women. We also offer pellets for women if they have been on pellets in the past or prefer this method for compliance reasons.

This depends on what symptom you have. Progesterone can help with anxiety and insomnia same day. For other symptoms like hot flashes, cramping, heavy bleeding, brain fog- some women may notice an improvement by 4 weeks, but giving your dose and method a full 12 weeks before adjustments is usually best.