Acute UTI Management

We offer in-office or over the phone UTI management and treatment! For first time patients, we request a brief in-office evaluation with review of symptoms and urine dipstick. For established patients, pending provider-approval, we can either call in prescriptions or have ready at our office antibiotics for an acute UTI. If there are any concerning symptoms or findings, please keep in mind our provider may advise you for urgent or ER care.

A UTI is a urinary tract infection. Symptoms can include urinary urgency, pain with urination, lower abdominal pain, fever and nausea. It’s best to start treatment as early as possible when symptoms arise!

For an acute UTI, we can dispense antibiotics from our office that you take home straight from your appointment or that we have ready for pick up during normal business hours. We have Bactrim, Keflex and Macrobid and based on your medical history and allergies, your provider can choose the appropriate antibiotic and duration. This visit (whether on the phone or in-office) with dipstick and take-home antibiotics is available to you for $99. We also have Pyridium for the bladder discomfort associated with UTI for an additional $5.

We can offer the same for in-office yeast infections management and treatment. We can dispense diflucan from our office. This service is $59.